Message From Chairman
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Dear Parents and Students,

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." Franklin D. Roosevelt These words of Franklin D. Roosevelt perfectly describe our aim. Universal Engineering and Science College is committed to quality education and friendly atmosphere for which co-existence is essential to create an intellectual academic community. We perceive that we have a special responsibility to nurture co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect in our nation of multiple ethnicity and cultural diversity. We try to make the college a place to promote freedom of thought, innovation and creativity, which are essential for academic excellence. We have an unavoidable commitment to articulate, reinforce and reflect our citizen’s need and national values by preparing Engineers with quality, responsibility and honesty. To lead the path on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and well-planned strategies. These lead to the path of growth and excellence. It is essential to combine these forces for knowledge assimilation to go ahead to the way of enlightenment. Every day and every semester, in our college, act like a pivot tilting the pan to balance the life of our students with an objective of preparing professional Engineers and Biochemists. We welcome you to our college not only as a student but also as a member of this family, and we are delighted to provide you all the needed assistance in achieving your academic goals. On behalf of Universal Engineering and Science College, I wish you all the best. We congratulate you for taking the right decision in joining a professional course in our college affiliated to Pokhara University. We extend a warm welcome to brighten your future, and be confident that you will be able to set on the march to go ahead into this competitive world towards the successive way of your golden future.
Thank You,

Er. Anant Raj Ghimire