Message From Chairman
chairman pic

Dear Parents and Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all on behalf of the Universal Engineering and Science College, one of the modern and leading professional colleges dedicated towards quality education and training in engineering. Our college is affiliated to Pokhara University. It locates in Chakupat, Lalitpur with its glorious history and clear mission to foster highly valued Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering programs for the students to enrich their career in order to facilitate in constructional, industrial, structural- structuring and an investigative leading professionals. The modern technologies come associating with globalization, they are driven towards the employers’ competent, and they are professionally enhanced crews to improve the technical bottom line. Career is no longer chosen, but it should be constructed through the life learning and an individual possess mixing up with knowledge and wisdom. Thus, to maintain employability and enriched career professionals we try to make our students capable. With strong mission to provide high value learning programs, accredited worldwide, we have chosen and structured our programs that fit for professionals from engineering and science career pathways to enhance their career. By considering students’ competitive future and personal commitments, our college aims to meet an apex to fulfill their dreams and desires. With our competent management crew, talented & vibrant faculty with an amusing atmosphere student will achieve the goal of their life. Therefore, I strongly assure you that Universal Engineering and Science College becomes a ladder for your career enhancement and lead you to become a competent engineer as well as researcher and an investigator in your future.
Thank You,

Mr. Ram Chandra Kandel
Managing Director