UESC offers a four-year bachelor degreee program in computer engineering. Computer Engineering is a deciplined that integrates several fields of electrical engineeering and computer science required to develope computer hardware and software. It also deals with the design and development of computer system and other technological devices. The college provides tecnical study along with pracical modeling with in and advanced environment.

Studying this accredited Civil Engineering Courses, you will gain a solid grounding in core subjects including structures, geotech, materials, fluids, surveying and construction management, while also enjoying the freedom to choose from a range of exciting elective modules. As a UESC graduate will be in high demand, attaining high positions both in the Civil Engineering Profession and in other sectors.

Why Study Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) focuses on professional engineering that deals with the planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining of the physical infrastructure built in the natural environment. The programme deals with the construction of public works or private projects like all sorts of roads, bridges, tunnels, channels, canals, helipads, airports, dams, buildings, parks or sports complexes. Civil engineering is all about helping people and shaping the world. Clearly, it will continue to play a key role, particularly in the reconstruction of post-quake Nepal.

Year 1

Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Mathematics I     3
Physics     4
Thermal Science     2
Engineering Drawing     2
Programming in C     3
Basic Electrical Engineering     3
Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Mathematics II     3
Chemistry     4
Object Oriented Programming in C++     3
Communication Technique     2
Mechanical Workshop     1
Applied Mechanics I     3

Year 2

Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Mathematics III     3
Applied Mechanics II     2
Civil Engineering Materials     2
Fluid Mechanics     3
Strength of Materials     3
Engineering Geology     3
Project I     1
Course Detail     Credit
Probability and Statistics     3
Surveying     4
Building Technology     3
Numerical Method     3
Hydraulics     3
Structural Analysis I     3

Year 3

Course Detail     Credit
Basic Electronics Engineering     2
Engineering Hydrology     2
Structural Analysis II     3
Soil Mechanics     3
Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering     4
Survey Field Project     2
Course Detail     Credit
Irrigation Engineering     3
Design of Steel and Timber Structure     3
Foundation Engineering     3
Elective I     3
Transportation Engineering I     3
Concrete Technology and Machinery Structure     2
Project II     1

Year 4

Course Detail     Credit
Design of RCC Structure     3
Transportation Engineering II     3
Estimation, Valuation and Specification     3
Elective II     3
Engineering Economics     3
Course Detail     Credit
Construction Project Management     3
Engineering Professional Practice     2
Remote Sensing and GIS     2
Elective III     3
Major Project     5
The civil engineering graduate have the propective carrier oppertunity at diffrent private and public arena in national to international levels. They work as :
  • Government Officer
  • Construction Expert
  • Researcher
  • Designer
  • Consultant
  • Academician
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager