UESC offers a four-year bachelor degreee program in computer engineering. Computer Engineering is a deciplined that integrates several fields of electrical engineeering and computer science required to develope computer hardware and software. It also deals with the design and development of computer system and other technological devices. The college provides tecnical study along with pracical modeling with in and advanced enviroment.

Computer Engineering is a discipline that offers rewarding and challenging possibilites for solving deep, muldidimensional problems requiring imagination and  sensitivity to a variety of concerns. Computer Engineer drives innovation in the Science, Engineering, Business, Entertainment, Education, Governance and lifestyle change. Computing jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. Computers are often associated with innovation and the jobs are highly dynamic and growing. Computer Engineering Degree will provide you with skills that are in high demand within industry.

With computer Engineering Degree, students can become Software Developer, System Analyst, Web Developer, Application Developer, Network Administrator, Database Manager, Quality Analyst, LSolution Architect, Projec t Manager and Software Entrepreneur in a number of IT companies in Nepal and abroad.

Why Study Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering (BE Computer) provides students with a foundation in the core computer technologies. The programme covers the theoretical and practical aspects of both hardware and software. Professionally, it instills the knowledge of making computing platforms more effective, embedding computing devices in machines & systems, and developing faster, smaller, and more efficient computers. It also deals with further advancements globally in digital technology, computer networking, and computer systems.

Year 1

Course Detail     Credit
Basic Electrical Engineering     3
Calculus I     3
Communication Technique     2
Computer Workshop     3
Digital Logic     3
Electronic Device & Circuit     3
Programming in C     3
Course Detail     Credit
Algebra and Geometry     3
Applied Chemistry     2
Applied Physics     3
Basic Engineering Drawing     3
Data Structure and Algorithm     3
Instrumentation     3

Year 2

Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Mathematics III     3
Data Structure and Algorithm     3
Electrical Engineering Materials     2
Network Theory     3
Electronic Devices & Circuits     3
Logic Circuits     3
Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Mathematics IV     3
Instrumentation     3
Database Management System     3
Advanced Programming Technology     3
Microprocessor     3
Project I     1

Year 3

Course Detail     Credit
Numerical Methods     3
Probability and Statistics     3
Operating System     3
Computer Graphics     3
Computer Architecture     3
Theory of Computation     3
Course Detail     Credit
Embedded System     3
Simulation and Modeling     3
Data Communication     3
Object Oriented Software Engineering     3
Minor Project     2
Elective I     2

Year 4

Course Detail     Credit
Engineering Economics     3
Image Processing & Pattern Recognition     3
Artifcial Intelligence     3
Computer Network     3
ICT Project Management     3
Elective II     3
Course Detail     Credit
Organization and Management     2
Digital Signal Analysis & Processing     2
Social and Professional Issues in IT     2
Information Systems     2
Final Project     5
Elective III     3
Computer engineers are in high demand in diffrent sectors where computer system are implemented. They can work as :
  • Software Desiging and developing companies.
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Banks
  • IT Industries
  • Manufacturing and Production Industries
  • Telecomunnication service providings companies
  • News Broadcating companies