International Center for Applied Sciences (ICAS)

International Center for Applied Sciences (ICAS) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2021 as a prominent institution within Nepal's academic domain. At present, it is located at 137/20 Manido Marg, Chakupat-11, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Bagmati Province, Nepal. As an essential component of Universal Engineering and Science College, ICAS is committed to enhancing knowledge, and novelty, and promoting sustainable development through its specialized services in research, consulting, and education. ICAS's dedication to academic excellence, ethical conduct, and social responsibility is emphasized by its commitment to maintaining high standards and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. By encouraging a culture of continuous learning, ICAS aspires to make a meaningful impact not only within Nepal but also on an international scale. With a focus on sustainable practices and empowerment, ICAS is poised to shape the future of education, research, and consultancy, both locally and internationally.


To provide high-quality/standard research, consultancy, and instructional services in Nepal and outside, to enhance advanced academic excellence, foster innovation, and promote sustainable development.


To establish itself as a worldwide renowned hub of knowledge, driving positive transformation via cutting-edge research, consulting, and instructional programs that tackle the possibilities and problems of the contemporary world.


1. Academic Excellence: In all of its endeavors, including research, consulting, and teaching, the academy activities to uphold and promote the highest standards of academic integrity and quality.


2. Innovation and Creativity: Committed to fostering an innovative and creative culture within the company as well as in the larger business and educational sectors.


3. Sustainable Development: Research and consultancy initiatives in fields including environmental sciences, renewable energy, and social development that support sustainable practices and solutions are given a lot of attention.


4. Empowering People and Organizations: Through excellent educational programs, training sessions, seminars, and consulting services, ICAS seeks to provide people, organizations, and communities with improved knowledge, skills, and capabilities.


5. Promoting Interdisciplinary Collaboration: ICAS is dedicated to promoting cooperation amongst different sectors, industry, and academic disciplines.


6. Seeking Global Impact: ICAS hopes to have a major and good influence both globally and in Nepal. This involves actively taking part in cross-border research collaborations, working with international partners, and disseminating research results and optimal methodologies across national boundaries.


7. Ethical and Social Responsibility: Integrity, openness, and a dedication to the well-being of society as a whole are key components of ICAS's research and consulting practises.


8. Learning and Improvement: ICAS is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, modification, and learning. This entails keeping up with the most recent advancements in technology, business, and education as well as incorporating best practices into daily operations.

Prof. Dr. Amod Mani Dixit
Prof. Dr. Amod Mani Dixit

President, ICAS

Department of Civil Engineering

Email :


Dr. Shrijana Dhakal
Dr. Shrijana Dhakal

Director, ICAS

Phd in Mathematics

Thammasat University , Thailand

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Contact : +977-9841649576

Er. Binaya Kumar Lamichhane
Er. Binaya Kumar Lamichhane

Research Unit Officer, ICAS

M.Sc. in Mechanical Systems Design and Engineering

Pulchowk Campus , IOE

Email :

Contact : +977-9849211597

Work Identity (ICAS)

International Center for Applied Sciences (ICAS), the research, training, and consulting wing of the Universal Engineering and Science College (UESC) successfully hosted a pivotal event, the International Conference on Contemporary Issues of Climate Change (ICCICC), aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration on pressing environmental concerns at Hotel Himalaya with national and International Guests. Our Chief guest was Prof. Dr Prem Narayan Aryal, Vice Chancellor of Pokhara University.


With the theme "Empowering Future Engineers," ICAS, successfully held a highly informative lecture program on January 2, 2022. The lecture presentation involved around fifty students from the Civil Engineering faculty, including third and fourth years. The theme of the Lecture was: "Linking Practice to Research: Personal and Institutional Experience from Career Development Perspective" Er. Dr. Ramesh Guragain, Deputy Executive Director of NSET, will be the speaker.

Our Research Unit (ICAS) was excited to present a dynamic workshop designed to highlight the groundbreaking works and initiatives spearheaded by our college faculty members along with faculty members of different engineering colleges. First, we did an intensive four-day Workshop on: “Research Design And Dissemination: Strategies and Practices" dated on 10 –14th March 2021 in alliance with the National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET) and Line Academy. The Workshop was very useful for developing research culture in our academia and inspiring new avenues for exploration. The workshop was led by our distinguished Personnel Prof.  Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey.

In order to enrich our experience with ICAS, where the culmination of our research endeavors takes center stage, empowering our faculty to reach new heights of innovation and impact is always our mission. So, we again launched five days rigorous workshop titled “Teaching Skills For Professional “from 7-11 August 2023 in alliance with NSET and Earthquake Safety Solutions (ESS). This workshop really benefitted our faculty and others invited faculty from different colleges to enrich their interactive presentation skills, Lesson plan techniques, and Class monitoring skills.

ICAS hosted an enriching webinar titled "Tip and Sonic Logging Tests on Drilled Shafts," a significant event that delved into the critical assessments involved in ensuring structural integrity dated on 22-May, 2021. Led by our distinguished speaker, Dr.Gyaneswor Pokhrel, Lead Project Engineer,  MBSI, Elkridge, MD, USA, the webinar provided in-depth insights into the methods and importance of these tests in civil engineering practices. Attendees gained valuable knowledge about the evaluation techniques vital for assessing drilled shafts' stability and reliability. This webinar exemplified our commitment to fostering comprehensive learning experiences and staying at the forefront of cutting-edge engineering knowledge.

ICAS proudly hosted an insightful webinar titled "Recent Developments and Applications for Empirical Landslide Runout Estimations." Led by esteemed expert Andrew Mitchell, MASc, P Eng, BGC Engineering Inc, Canada. This webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the latest methodologies and practical applications in estimating landslide runout. Attendees gained valuable insights into empirical techniques crucial for assessing and mitigating landslide risks in geotechnical engineering. This webinar showcased our commitment to fostering cutting-edge knowledge and expertise, reflecting our dedication to advancing the field of civil and geotechnical engineering through insightful and forward-thinking discussions

On 24th December 2021, Friday, ICAS hosted an immersive "One-Day Workshop Program on Mobile Application Development Using React Native," offering participants hands-on experience in this cutting-edge technology led by our Resource person Dharmendra Chaudhary, Software Engineer, Phillips Bangalore, India. The workshop provided comprehensive insights into React Native, empowering attendees with practical skills to create mobile applications efficiently. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, gaining a solid foundation in app development. This workshop highlighted our commitment to equipping students with the latest tools and knowledge in software development, fostering innovation and expertise in mobile application design and creation.

With utmost pride, ICAS curated a remarkable Lecture Series titled "Bridging the Academic and Professional Realms of Computer Engineering." This series brought together esteemed experts from academia and industry to share invaluable insights and perspectives. Attendees had the privilege of gaining a holistic understanding of the dynamic field and learning how theoretical knowledge aligns with real-world applications. This initiative exemplified our commitment to nurturing a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the realm of computer engineering. It was held on 9th January 2022 and the speakers were Er. Pawan Shrestha, Deputy Director-BI Delivery, Er. Sanjana Shrestha, Principal Software Engineer, Er. Anup Dhungel, Delivery Manager- BI Delivery.

With profound dedication, ICAS orchestrated a comprehensive "Skill Development Training Program for Graduating Students." This program was meticulously designed to equip graduating Computer And Civil Engineering Students with practical skills essential for a seamless transition into the professional world. Through a series of workshops, seminars, and hands-on sessions, participants honed their technical abilities and soft skills, preparing them for diverse career paths. This initiative exemplified our commitment to empowering students beyond academics, ensuring their readiness and competitiveness in the ever-evolving job market.

In a testament to our commitment, ICAS hosted an exclusive Training Session on the versatile "KOBO Toolbox" tailored for the esteemed staff and faculty members of UESC. This comprehensive training delved into the intricacies of KOBO Collect, showcasing its myriad uses in data collection, analysis, and survey methodologies. Participants gained hands-on experience in leveraging KOBO Toolbox for various applications such as field research, monitoring, and evaluation projects. This initiative empowered our faculty members with the proficiency to utilize KOBO Collect for efficient and accurate data collection, enabling streamlined research processes, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced project management within the academic sphere at UESC. It was held on 20 July 2023, Thursday.


Research Paper
Research Paper

Evaluation of precipitation elasticity using precipitation data from ground and satellite-based esti