The Universal Engineering and Science College (UESC) embraces research based education and practice for the intellectual improvement of the students from various engineering discipline to compete in this global market. And thus we always advocate "practice-oriented research and education" based on creative researches, and always opens its doors to all the students from Civil and Computer Engineering department as a research-intensive Institution. With collaboration with faculty members and the students, to scrutinize research in various field and advanced & updated technological parameters, administration has broad view to open up various engineering programs and fest. It also advocates researchers and enthusiasts to solve various demanding, strenuous, and challenging problems faced by modern society and thus collectively by the Nations.

To fulfill the above aim, we have established Robotics Club for Computer Department & Civil Engineering Society for Civil Department in collaboration with the students of Civil and Computer Engineering Departments which mainly focus on intellectual and research quality improvement of the students. In each semester, students will be focused on their particular research projects based on their respective field with full assistance of college research faculty.

The Robotics Club is a team established in order to give individuals an opportunity to share and extend ideas, views and knowledge in the field of Computer and Networking and the fast-paced technology of today. This Club doesn’t limit itself to the group when it comes to sharing. It helps students in their projects and in the curriculum (database, various programming), and among other things. The club also organizes various interaction classes within the group and among interested students. It has already provided a platform for many students who have proven themselves by taking part in various IT quizzes and programming challenges.

The Civil Engineering Society conducts the various programs with an objective of improving and widening students’ ideas and knowledge in Civil Engineering Discipline beyond his/her academic performance. It aims to teach students how to use the academic knowledge gained by studying civil engineering for prosperity of society and improvement of quality of people’s life.It is a group of students and teachers, and its purpose is to gather interested students committed to technology. The club arranges resources for any type of software/hardware/Civil projects for enthusiastic students. It aims to develop a multifaceted appreciation towards technology and its role in the world stage so that its members may be more effectively successful in the dynamic business environment of this new century.